A owner of the enterprise has been dealing with wholesale of sweets for 14 years, this is still the main activity.

The rates in turnover between sweets and perfumes, chemical products take 70-30%. There are almost 1.800-2.000 articles which are marketed in 2 different forms:

Cash and Carry

One form is "Cash and Carry", wich is made on the depot hired. The shopkeepers can buy for advantageous prices, as good as only some products. Private buyers are not served.

Moving shop

We also deliver goods for local orders. This is a special form of sale, when we can deliver goods ordered by shopkeepers in the country. We make rounds by a 7,5 tons lorry , which is similar to a "moving shop" provided with a modern system of shelves - most of the goods are available on the spot just from the lorry.
The orderes are fulfilled by delivery and local billing.

Ratio of both sale forms is 65-35%