Let me introduce myself: my name is Tibor Lovászi, I am the majority owner of Colibri 90 Ltd.

I laid down the bases of the company as a private entrepreneur in 1990, at the beginning of the regime change. The main activity of my enterprise was at that time the wholesale trading with sweets. Apart from the usual difficulties in the initial stage my turnover was increasing continually and dynamically, so by the end of the decade I managed to get in a position that served as a basis for further development in the region of the Southern part of the Great Hungarian Plain. In the meantime there raised the claim to deal with other product lines as well in addition to sweets. I undertook the distribution of chemical products and perfumes for my commercial partners, which proved to be a good decision.

Following with attention the development of the competitors in the national market and in the region, I realized that in the long run it would be possible for me to remain in the market as a wholesaler by undertaking the exclusive distribution of such products or product families which stand their ground in the given region and also in the national market.

Because of this, at the beginning of the new century I went to specialized international trade exhibitions in order to get information and to establish new contacts. So, at the international trade exhibition of Cologne in 2003 I found the Italian Rovelli praline desserts. This product family represents a premium segmental category that is in terms of its packaging and its quality on a level similar to that of the brands of well-known producers. Because of the favourable price range, the packaging and the excellent quality, our products were well received among the consumers in the Hungarian market.

I would say some words of Rovelli as our partner company. It is a company based on a family enterprise: the professional skills pass “from father to son” like in the tales. The director of the company is Mr. Leurini, in his case, though, you can speak about the inheritance of the professional knowledge from father to daughter as he has two daughters. He is a good businessman, and he realized the potentialities in the East European market. Apart from us he delivers not only to the Italian national market but to nine further bigger countries of the world, as well, like England, Germany, France, Greece, etc. Our relations have been working with undiminished energy already for five years, so the confidence between us is also getting stronger and stronger. For today we have reached such a level that monthly two trucks of products arrive from them to us.

There is a great potential in the realization of the Rovelli products since not long ago did we open towards the national (Hungarian) chain stores. I did not mention yet the foreign chain stores interested in the Hungarian market with which now we do not have any business contacts yet. For the time being we sell in seven counties (Bács, Csongrád, Békés, Baranya, Tolna, Somogy, NógrádPest) by delivering directly to the shops through business sales executives, which we would like to expand within a year into a nationwide level. In Szeged a wholesale warehouse established for traders is also available to our present and future partners.

The number of the workers of our company has reached for today to thirteen persons, and I can say with pride that we managed to form a sales group that became in the course of the years a real community. Our colleagues work in team spirit which lets everybody do the best of their ability. In the past two years we carried out investments that facilitate our daily work and help us in getting to know the latest information quickly. Among these there have to be mentioned our new warehouse base, our flexible logistics, our new computer stock, the amplification of our software, the preparation of our website, etc. In order to be able to fulfil the logistic duties smoothly, we procured a new vehicle fleet. 

In the meantime we reached a new stage again: we looked for new contacts, since getting to countrywide distribution is our aim. For the moment we carry on advanced negotiations with more companies of food industry within the European Union, which could guarantee us the possibility of further development.

Thank You for Your honourable attention.

Yours Sincerely: Tibor Lovász