Colibri 90 Ltd. - Colibri Family Ltd. - Groomi Trade Ltd. - Origo Property Managing Ltd.

The foundations of the company group were laid down at the beginning of the Regime Change (1990) by Tibor Lovászi, at that time still a sole enterpriser (Colibri Wholesale Trade Company). With the passing of time (1996) this economic form changed to Ltd. The company began its main activity with wholesale trade in chocolate and confectionery. At the turn of the century chemicals, toiletries and non-food products were also added to the list of products. Today we already offer also a great variety of basic food products to our retail partners. In order to widen the company’s profile and to ensure a dynamic development, the company owner (2003) has regularly participated in specialized World Expos and Fairs, which have not only helped in orientation and in information gathering, but they have also served to facilitate the establishment of new contacts and relations. As a result of these expos, as well as due to various factors relating to the internal market, Colibri 90 Ltd. began to expand its import activity. The company purchased food products (2007) already not only from producers within the European Union, but also from those outside its territory. These products were sold exclusively in national retail channels. Our national partners are independent enterprises not belonging to any retail network, and national supermarket chains, REÁL and CBA shops. At the end of the decade the company’s exports also started to grow. New external relations were developed mostly with wholesalers from countries within the European Union. At the end of 2012 the dynamic increase of the company’s revenues led the owners of the company to decide to continue the operation of its activities in a divided manner. This is explained by the fact that thus the cost-effectiveness of the activities could get more transparent. Out of the three new companies Colibri Family Ltd. is in charge of the national sales in small quantities or by pieces, Groomi Trade Ltd. manages the national and export sales in big quantities, by pallets or full trucks, while Origo Property Management Ltd. hires the former means and vehicles, the store base and the office space of Colibri 90 Ltd. within the company group.

The Origo Property Management Ltd. provides a 2.650m² store base for the commercial firms of the company group in 3-5. Vásárhelyi Pál Street, Szeged, Hungary. The 800 m² C+C warehouse of Colibri Family Ltd., established for retailers, can be found within this office space. Here retailers have the possibility to make purchases in person from more than 4000 kinds of products. A partly covered and cost-free parking area also belongs to the company, where we ensure easy loading for our customers.

It is among the further aims and plans of the company group to strengthen its position on the national scale by undertaking also food production, packaging and further commercial activities.